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Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That's my utopia.
~Kurt Vonnegut
Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Small Observation

and then I'll continue with my sanity break, breathing a whole lot easier.
Kerry earned his biggest points with me when he pointed out that when the US invaded Iraq the only facility that was secured was the Oil Ministry. No nuclear facilities were secured. That said it all.
Bush played the Alfred E. Neuman character well. I only yelled at the tv when he spoke. I can't stand his incredulous laugh when he's reiterating his lies.
I also noticed Bush's words 'Hard work' are usually synonomous with 'death', as in "We'll train the Iraqis so they can do the 'hard work'."
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Not Holding my Breath

Self imposed sanity break. I'll be back in a couple days after I breathe some fresh air . I know I'll need it after the 'debate' tonight so I decided to start early.
I'm not even sure I'll be able to handle the visual of Bush invading my screen but a co-worker gave me this tip: Think Alfred E. Neuman.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Underestimating Radical Ideology; Don't.

George Lakoff writes: "On the whole, the right wing is attempting to impose a strict father ideology on America, and ultimately, the rest of the world. Although the details vary somewhat with the type of conservative, there are general tendencies. Many progressives underestimate just how radical an ideology this is."

The RNC understands and doesn't underestimate at all, especially when they want to influence the evangelical vote. Follows are some insights into how evangelicals are being manipulated and are becoming the foot soldiers in this divisive unAmerican ideology.

The father of Ben Isenberg, a soldier who died Sept 13, speaks about the war in
Remembering Sgt. Ben Isenberg. I can understand trying to justify the death of your son, but to glorify Bush as having God in his pocket, fighting a deep spiritual war, is frightening. Listen.

Blondesense points to this artcle: Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate and says, "These people not only don't understand the Bible, they don't understand Judeo-Christian principles, a secular democratic society, what a liberal is and they are totally paranoid."

Indeed. Amplifying the paranoia of the radical right-wing is what's intended. With propaganda pointing to fear at the lowest level and misrepresenting 'liberals, basic human morals are completely forgotten.

Meryl at seeingtheforest writes a bit about the code of fundamentalists, some of the intention behind the recent RNC mailings, why they are effective, and why liberals are regarded as heretics.

Alternet has God is my Co-Author. As if our media wasn't already trying to sway opinion, we now have a month-long summer seminar of the World Journalism Institute, a J-school with a mission to prepare young evangelicals to enter the mainstream media universe whos objectives are to bring “an evangelical or biblical perspective to the newsroom.” Case thinks that evangelicals, seeing the world as they do through the ethical and moral lens of religion, could make much-needed adjustments to journalism’s focus.

Christian Coalition activists set on changing high court
"Never allow the enemy to block you," Thomson urged them. "Get around them, run over the top of them, destroy them -- whatever you need to do so that God's word is the word that is being practiced in Congress, town halls and state legislatures."

I was talking to someone yesterday about the mailings and he told me, "all of this was resolved years ago, no one will fall for that. It's live and let live now."
I afraid he's never lived in the deep south. They will fall for it and they will act. They've been planning for years.

For more links to articles and blogs about George Lakoff's ideas, and to learn how to address these type of issues, see:
Elephant Kicks Ass Now, so the Ass Can Kick Elephant Out in November

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Kucinich Calls for Open Hearings on Iraq Intelligence- Before the Election

In light of the recent intellingence analysis that Iraq is a "catastrophic failure" and the best case scenario is for a continuation of the current chaos. Dennis Kucinch has called on the House Subcommittee on National Security to hold hearings to investigate Bush's lies.

"I believe that this subcommittee must excercise its oversight powers to the fullest and hold the Bush administration accountable for its decisions particularly where the use of force is concerned.

Over 1000 US soldiers have already lost their lives while serving in Iraq, and Congress owes all our brave soldiers honest answers. The American Public deserves a hearing on the findings of the 2004 NIE report in open session."

We need to call and fax the members of the House Subcommittee and pleasantly demand that they vote with Kucinich and hold these hearings in open session before the election. The American people deserve the truth. No more secrecy due to 'national security'

Send a Fax via Email

to the House Subcommittee on National Security

Make a Difference! Write one email and have it printed out in the office of
eighteen different congresspeople- you can send 6/day, 3 days in a row.
repeat often.
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Monday, September 27, 2004

New Design

I wanted to make a tableless layout and play with CSS a bit more. I don't know how it will render in older browsers. I've checked in Firefox, Mozilla, and IE6 and it seems ok. If there is a problem that makes it unreadable please let me know.
I'm not the only one who had remodeling on the brain.
Abuddhas Memes has a new look with a color scheme I love, seeingtheforest turned green, not that he wasn't already, and Mark Maynard has a sleek layout with a new tool that includes categories(!) grumble, I wish blogger had categories, grumble more Check out Mark's activities and if you're in Ypsi, consider helping him out!
Now, if we can just remodel the White House.
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Excerpt from "Chronicles, Volume 1"

"For sure my lyrics had struck nerves that had never been struck before, but if my songs were just about the words, then what was Duane Eddy, the great rock-and-roll guitarist, doing recording an album full of instrumental melodies of my songs? Musicians have always known that my songs were about more than just words, but most people are not musicians. What I had to do was recondition my mind and stop putting the blame on external forces. I had to educate myself, get rid of some baggage. dylan newsweek cover The solitude of time was what I didn't have. Whatever the counterculture was, I'd seen enough of it. I was sick of the way my lyrics had been extrapolated, their meanings subverted into polemics and that I had been anointed as the Big Bubba of Rebellion, High Priest of Protest, the Czar of Dissent, the Duke of Disobedience, Leader of the Freeloaders, Kaiser of Apostasy, Archbishop of Anarchy, the Big Cheese. What the hell are we talking about? Horrible titles any way you want to look at it. All code words for Outlaw.
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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Insane Logic and Morons

The butt head and the girly man are alone together reading original copies of Reagan's memoirs while the Republican party is taking a working vacation in a clear-cut healthy forest.

The moral majority forms an organized committee to discuss the normal deviation of rising deficits and beaucratic efficiencies.

The cheerful pessimist and the mournful optimist ponder the insane logic and real fantasy of the serious clown whose deliberate mistake, a just war, in the disguise of humanitarian invasion, has extended to us the essential luxury of a dangerously safe world.

The intense apathy of the private citizen allows him to accept ordered liberty and not question the meaning of catastrophic success in exchange for presidential promises of tax returns and peace benefits.

The exact estimate of the effectiveness of the peace offensive is clearly ambiguous and is no longer an open secret. The amount of peacekeeper missles and friendly fire incidents remain
pure speculation.

I've been reading "Don't Think of an Elephant". So far he hasn't mentioned oxymoron but I decided to play with them just to see how prevalent they are. Interesting.
I highly recommend the book, especially for those who haven't read "Moral Politics". It's a quick and important read.
I just found a blog by one of his students.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Operation Orphan

One of the neighbors of LEFT is RIGHT is on his second tour of duty in Iraq. His Platoon has started Operation Orphan after visiting an orphanage and seeing beautiful children with nothing. Read the email he sent to his parents and see if there is something you can help with as you recall why these children are orphans.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004

No Peace Plane

It's been a long week. I'm working on a new page design, my email has been down and I've not been feeling well, but I can't help commenting on the recent debacle with Cat Stevens. Unbelievable, yet entirely true to form for this administration on so many levels, from name association, to implied racism, to peace activism and the encompassing cultures of all entwined.
Yes, I'm a fan. I believe I have every album he ever recorded on vinyl or CD. A person who writes like that could never lose the values that inspired it, regardless of name change or religion change. I am again embarrased and ashamed that the government of my country has become so mindless and fanatical.
Craig recorded some covers of his music. Here are some I found: all mp3's
Morning Has Broken

On The Road
and an experimental medley: Space/Into White

Remember who we are.
UPDATE: The Dynamic Driveler doesn't think I should have such a high opinion of Cat Stevens. Maybe he's right. I'm probably guilty of ignoring negative news or of being too busy to pay attention at the time.
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Unauthorized Penetration

The new improved genderless rape that keeps on stalking.
The ID-Sniper
It is used to (unknowingly) implant a GPS-microchip in the body of a human being, using a high powered sniper rifle as the long distance injector. The microchip will enter the body and stay there, causing no internal damage, and only a very small amount of physical pain to the target. It will feel like a mosquito-bite lasting a fraction of a second. At the same time a digital camcorder with a zoom-lense fitted within the scope will take a high-resolution picture of the target. This picture will be stored on a memory card for later image-analysis.

via scratchings
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Friday, September 17, 2004

Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen's head?

As the godfather of gloom turns 70, Tim de Lisle describes his brush with death - and lists 69 other things you may not know about him

He will be 70 on Tuesday, the first of the 1960s singer-songwriters to reach 70. He was born in 1934, shortly before Elvis Presley.

His new album, Dear Heather, is out next month. It includes a song about September 11, called On That Day.

When he wrote Bird on a Wire, Cohen felt he hadn't "finished the carpentry", but Kris Kristofferson said the first three lines would be his epitaph: "Like a bird on a wire/ Like a drunk in a midnight choir/ I have tried, in my way, to be free"
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Thursday, September 16, 2004

More on the Stanley Hilton Interview

The Blogging of the President has commentary, info on the court filings and an audio link to the interview. If you recall I wrote a bit about this earlier here so I won't rehash. Certainly interesting and worth thinking about.
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Speak Out for the Roadless Rule

Take Action from EarthJustice.
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SEIU: Members of Congress, GAO Question Wackenhut Nuclear Security Contract

"The nuclear industry's use of controversial private firm Wackenhut to train and manage the attacking teams used in security drills at U.S. nuclear plants is coming under increasing criticism from government investigators and Republican and Democratic members of a key Congressional Committee overseeing nuclear security."

With Wackenhut now involved in testing itself and its competitors, the new arrangement is a clear conflict of interest.
Wackenhut was caught cheating on a security drill held in June 2003 at a Department of Energy nuclear weapons site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), said, "To anyone with a shred of common sense, it was a poor choice."

Wackenhut, the single largest supplier of private security guards to U.S. nuclear facilities, has overseen numerous security lapses, presided over training cutbacks, and tolerated lax security measures at multiple nuclear power plants and government nuclear weapons facilities throughout the U.S.The incidents are detailed in an SEIU report, titled "Homeland Insecurity: How
the Wackenhut Corporation is Compromising America's Nuclear Security."
The report is available online at
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The Long Goodbye: Alzheimer's in the Living Room

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Johnny Ramone Joins Joey

Too young
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Women do it too

"Not many women bloggers", he said.
Here is What She Said!
Go kiss Morgaine's Blogroll!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

All Doin' Our Best to Deny It

Ain't it Just Like the Night by Mike Golby, is theater on the page; a cinema of hallucinations. Throughout the images, the links and the lyrics, I was reminded that I wanted to upload Visions of Johanna mp3 by Craig and FiddlerBob. Ain't it just like the night that he would also lead me to this video about the Carlyle Group. only the first few minutes aren't in English I'm glad my name isn't Betty, but this IS my nuclear nightmare!

the ghosts of electricity

ask himself if it's him or them that's really insane
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Americans guilty of Afghan torture

An Afghan court has found three Americans guilty of torturing Afghans in a private jail, a case that comes on the heels of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal in Iraq.

You'll recall that I've been pointing to Flogging the Simian who has been writing an excellent series about Jonathan K. 'Jack' Idema.
She has now written 18 parts to the story. Her permalinks keep changing but the links to each part are on her sidebar, including this video link from the BBC that gives an overview of who this guy is.

More here, here, here and here. Ok, you get the idea. Big news, but not here in the US.
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Live as if You're Dyin'

I added this link to my today after skimming it, knowing I wanted to get back to it. Often I procrastinate (yeah, surf other blogs) and don't get back to the to-read list.
While checking ddjangoWIrE my attention was catapulted to red alert when I saw his link entitled "CARLYLE GROUP TAKES OVER U.S. NUCLEAR PROGRAM"
Below is only a tiny portion of the horror:

In a stealth takeover by the Carlyle Group, facilitated by 5 Admirals, the management contract will be transferred next year to the University of Texas where the military and the Carlyle Group will have control. A new ‘ramping up’ of the nuclear weapons program is underway, with program funding at the highest level ever - even higher than during the Cold War – extending nuclear weapons into outer space, into the very atmosphere that makes life on earth possible, and with no "real" enemy in site.

...The 2001 Space Preservation Act, HR 2977 which was introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, let the cat out of the bag and revealed under the "Definitions" in the bill, that directed energy weapons which can target individuals and populations from space for the purposes of psychotronics, mind control, and mood control, are clearly the new space weapons intended to establish global dominance by the New World Order. Directed energy weapons developed in the nuclear weapons labs have been used on nuclear weapons lab whistleblowers, UC students, handed over to the EPA to use on environmentalists, and to the FBI to turn over to local law enforcement. These weapons are now land, air, and sea based. Space is the last frontier.

..."Should humans be so stupid as to continue both technological escalation and wars between nation-states, radiological warfare might well be a far more safe and humane way to conduct extermination of large numbers of people, or the emptying out of troublesome political centres, than any of the various biological alternatives."

I followed ddjangoWIrE 's link to Cosmic Iguana which led to the article at a different, more suitable for printing, link. (20 pages) Print it, read it! Live as if you're dyin'
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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Panel: Uninsurance affects both the haves and have-nots

Uninsurance: Covering the Uninsured--A Health Care Workshop for Journalists.
hosted by U-M Sept. 8-10
Almost two-thirds of uninsured people have incomes less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

The committee called on the federal government to "take action to achieve universal health insurance and to establish an explicit schedule to reach this goal by 2010."

Coleman said later this month she will appoint a University task force on health care, adding that there is no better place than U-M to develop and test new models for health care.

"It is a national embarrassment to have one out of seven people uninsured in this country," Kelch said. "How can we look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning and say that we are a kinder, gentler nation?"

All panelists agreed it is important for the media to help get the word out about uninsurance. However, it will be necessary for all citizens to get involved.

"As long as Americans go with this fantasy that 'as long as I have coverage, then I am OK,' they are not going to deal with it."
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Satirical Satyr

Oh the goodies I find when I visit easybakecoven! In one daily post she usually manages to enrage me, seduces me with something completely off the wall, opens my eyes, and makes me laugh. Today, amongst other goodies, is my laugh of the day. Laura's Bush!
When a narcoleptic dominatrix and an absurdly prudish librarian attempt to rescue the First Lady from “life” at the White House, an outlandish yet chillingly apt catastrophe follows. an apocalyptic lesbian sex farce.

Check for date and times at the Performance Network in Ann Arbor.
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Rude again

While her father is fair game, I think it's quite rude to see all the references to Jenna's abortion. The spotlight is tough enough for her, be nice.
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Monday, September 13, 2004

The Land of Plenty Starving for Democracy

John B. Kenney is on a hunger strike for the next 30 days until we can persuade our elected representatives to introduce the Federal Paper Ballot Emergency Act of 2004 to Congress. hunger for democracy Raising awareness of this issue is not nearly enough. Every American must act now to protect the upcoming election. We must press our elected officials to pass emergency legislation to immediately implement a system of paper ballots that assures accuracy and transparency in our upcoming federal elections. After what happened in 2000, any uncertainty about the results of the next election will throw our country into chaos.

The five basic elements of voting security are:

1. Poll Book (personal sign in)

2. Paper ballot

3. Ballot box (transparent and locked)

4. Hand Count (of all paper ballots in the ballot box)

5. Results Posted (prominently displayed at the polling place)

Is that so difficult?

Bob Herbert wrote today about the supression of minority votes:
The Election Protection Coalition, a group that was formed to identify and stamp out attempts to disenfranchise voters is also urging people to call the hot line now if they are aware of efforts to discourage or prevent people from voting.

1-866-OUR VOTE

On Election Day in November, the coalition expects to have as many as 25,000 volunteers, including 5,000 lawyers, available to provide assistance to voters who encounter irregularities or feel they are not being treated fairly at the polls. Voters who call the hot line will immediately be put in touch with volunteers in their local area.
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New World Disorder Magazine: Issue Three

New Issue New Look and a lot of great reading!
A view from the edge of the future.
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Interview of Stanley Hilton, Sept 10, 2004

No, I'm not going to get over it. I'm not making you read it if you think it's tinfoil hat fodder, but my instincts were magnetized that day and 'shrugging it off' when I have far too many questions left dangling unsatisfied isn't a possibility.

He is former Bob Dole’s chief of staff, very successful counselor, lawyer. He represents hundreds of the victims families of 9/11. He is suing Bush for involvement in 9/11. Now a major Zogby poll out – half of New Yorkers think the government was involved in 9/11.

"I think people ought to just think about the consequence of having someone like Bush in the White House and the danger for the future that these sort of individuals pose. This is not just a historical event of the past. This is part of the plan and the camera is still rolling. They have an agenda. These individuals are extremely dangerous. They are armed and dangerous. They pose a clear and dangerous threat to every freedom-loving person not only American but in the whole world."
via | Awoken

UPDATE: More about this interview, the court filings and an audio link to the interview and some great commentary by Shaula are at Blogging of the President.
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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Deceptions out of Desperation

Bush is dipping deep into dirty rhetoric now. As Skeptics now say IBM typewriter could have been used , and the headlines point to more economic decay and health care woes, this is how he defends his policies:
Bush blames Clinton for job losses
Bush: If Kerry had his way, Saddam would be in power
Incredible that the man has nothing better to run on except his own faulty speculation and blame that not even a 4 year old would believe, much less care to listen to. The man is a miserable failure and an accomplished bully.
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Friday, September 10, 2004

Governor Casts Doubt on Marijuana Ballot Issue

Granholm reminds city that charter can't conflict with state law
Please use the link below to send an e-mail asking Gov. Granholm to support local and statewide protection for medical marijuana patients. This is a fight Craig wanted.
take action
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Forests safe until after the election

Whew! I learned from GentleBreezes that the Roadless Rule has been delayed and the public comment window is open until November 14. I've been concerned that with all the election hoopla this wasn't getting the attention it desperately needs. This is easily a non-partisan issue and should be regarded and fought as if our National Forests depend on it, which they do! Anytime I find an action item for this issue I will blog it. Please write your own letters. If this one passes nothing is sacred.
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Warming Trend Will Decimate Arctic Peoples, Report Warns

"Government inaction on climate change by Canada and the United States is due in large part to the failure of the general public to apply pressure on the issue, says Watt-Cloutier.

'People don't seem to understand that what they do on a daily basis has a direct impact on the people and wildlife of the north,' she said, adding that she hopes people will begin to see that their actions -- their choice of vehicle, for example -- can produce negative consequences for others and future generations.

'People do want to do the right thing, but they just don't realise that the Arctic is melting and they are responsible,' she said."

Why don't people realise the Arctic is melting??
"The Bush administration doesn't believe there's a problem and are behind the delay in the release of the report," said Gordon McBean, an ACIA participant from the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction at the University of Western Ontario. "They don't even think they ought to reduce their emissions, period." [ more of the report ]
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The Dishonesty Thing

I know this is probably blogged everywhere, but again, Krugman nails it!
It's the lies, stupid!
"Nobody knows what Mr. Bush would really do about taxes and spending in a second term. What we do know is that on this, as on many matters, he won't tell the truth."
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Can an Entire Country go Mad?

Can we wake up soon enough to see this?
"Sooner or later, the Bushistas and the American public will find out, to their astonishment and chagrin, that 'the world' beyond will not tolerate this behavior much longer, and moreover, that the community of nations, comprising the 'other' 95% of the world's population, is quite capable of devastating, albeit non-military, retaliation."

...Psychopathy – the failure to recognize, much less to empathize with, the personal human dignity, rights, and feelings of others, is displayed in the Bush administration de-funding of Medicare, Social Security, veterans’ benefits, and furthermore, in the callous disregard of the lives and safety of the unfortunate Iraqis beneath the U.S. military’s cruise-missiles, shells, and bombs. Sure enough, the Bush word-smiths recognize compassion as a politically potent concept – hence “Compassionate Conservatism.” But the astute citizen will (untypically) follow Richard Nixon’s advice: “don’t pay attention to what [they] say, pay attention to what [they] do. [ read it all ]
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A Man of His Words

After you read the links I described yesterday offered at an old soul by George Lakoff you may want more. Here is an excerpt of his new book. A book to pass around, so buy more than one.
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Kerry and Bush side by side

via | Bruce Eisner I found this nifty blog that takes the RSS feeds from the two different campaign blogs and updates hourly.
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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Thanks Shari

I've seen bits and pieces of George Lakoff's series of day-by-day coverage of the RNC but Shari at an old soul has handy links to each day and a link to purchase info for his new book; Don't Think of An Elephant: Know your values and frame the debate.
I also enjoyed reading her review of Moral Politics, quite belatedly to be sure, but certainly a book worth referencing often as we continue through the mudslinging.
His perceptions are valuable and I do hope he's advising the Kerry campaign.
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"Now, 1,000 American military personnel have died in the Iraq war."

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Eskimos Fret as Climate Shifts and Wildlife Changes

... "Scientists say the problems Mr. Nasalik observes result from climate change and the gradual increase in contaminants like pesticides and industrial compounds like mercury and PCB's that are transported by wind and currents from the industrialized south and accumulate in the fatty tissues of Arctic animals. The people who eat such animals are also affected, and high levels of contaminants have been found in the breast milk of Eskimo women."

...The Meteorological Service of Canada reports that the summers of 2002 and 2003 were particularly warm in the eastern Canadian Arctic, and the last three winters have also been unseasonably mild. The Yukon and Alaska have been downright scorching in recent months, with temperatures in Whitehorse reaching over 85 degrees nine days in a row in June.
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Monday, September 06, 2004

What Bounce?

The new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows Bush up by 1%, 49:48 among registered voters. via | Pandagon
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More Republican Rudeness

This time the rudeness directly affected me.
Just an indication as to how high passions run, my Kerry-Edwards bumpersticker was plastered over with Bush-Cheney stickers tonight in the parking structure while I was at work. I may cringe when I see Bush-Cheney stickers but I would never dream of defacing someone's property.
My Kucinich sticker was untouched. I wonder what that says?
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Sunday, September 05, 2004

From Newsweek Poll Sept 2-3, 2004

"Do you think Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq was DIRECTLY involved in planning, financing, or carrying out the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, or not?"
9/2-3 04

Was Was Not Unsure
42% 44% 14%

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More About Bob's Solar Mission!

I'm impressed! I seriously thought that Michigan, with the many cloudy days, couldn't be a contender.

Bob...I have a UPS 650 I'm tossing! It's yours. It may even still have juice.
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Rude Racist Righteous

Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.
Eric Hoffer

President Bush on Friday wished Bill Clinton "best wishes for a swift and speedy recovery." Bush's audience of thousands in West Allis, Wis., booed. Bush, our self-appointed moral leader did nothing to stop them. I'm sure his slimey smirk didn't slip by. This behaviour is probably condoned in The Secret Code of Republican Manners. The AP later changed the story in a blatant display of media subservience, changing the boos to ooohs.
UPDATE: read the comments for further discussion and an audio link.

Racial prejudice is comprised of negative attitudes, beliefs, and stereotypes, which are inflexible and resistant to change despite contradictory evidence.

Racism in the Name of War has been so strongly implanted that US governmental sanctioned racism can only be used to describe the attitudes that are still rampant. Now, occupying Iraq is under the umbrella of the War on Terrorism. Iraq = 911 has been so effectively linked that people I would normally consider quite informed continue to believe and support it. It's Racism. Simple.

The image found at Preemptive Karma who found it at , says it all:

Rich is another R word that comes to mind when I think of this Republican administration. Rich Responsible Radical Right? Isn't it more like a dollar short and deeply in debt? Racing down the raging river headed toward the rocky fall and no child is left behind.

Rant, rebel, remember redemption (rm file)recorded by Craig and hope for a resolute, opposed to a rowdy, revolution.
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Friday, September 03, 2004

Kerry Was Framed

By George Lakoff
Wednesday's Republican convention speeches framed John Kerry using deceptive and dishonest language.
It is important to distinguish between honest framing on the one hand, and framing by distortion and spin on the other. Arnold Schwarzenegger may actually believe that everyone and anyone can make it in this American economy, even though a quarter of the jobs pay very little money. But the frame that Miller and Dick Cheney were constructing last night was one that they could not have believed. This was framing by deception.

Their job was to frame John Kerry. And frame him they did. Here are the techniques they used
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John Kerry comes out swinging

Click through Salon article:
"'He's on the right path now,' Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich told Salon just after Kerry finished speaking. Kucinich seemed thrilled with Kerry's new approach. 'What you saw here was the beginning of his victory. Mark the date.' "
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Thursday, September 02, 2004

What Is Single-Payer?

Animated answers and facts about health care for all. A short simple explanation to pass along. via | linkmeister
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Scientists tune in to 'radio message from the aliens'

The signal was traced to a point between the constellations Pisces and Aires, according to New Scientist
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