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Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That's my utopia.
~Kurt Vonnegut
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Donations For Kerry?

The drive for this quarter ends today. If you are considering a donation to the Kerry campaign please consider giving through Liberal Oasis. Let him know where his support is coming from. Perhaps he'll listen (?)
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique by William Norman Grigg

An interesting encounter immediately after seeing the film underscores its fundamentally non-partisan nature. Some poor schlep had positioned himself outside the theater with a clipboard soliciting signatures on a nominating position for a would-be Democrat congressional candidate. A couple of people seized the petition and started to sign. Impertinent sort that I am, I asked, "What's this fellow's position on the war?"

The scribbling stopped, and several sets of eyes focused intently on the hapless volunteer. "Well, um, ah, he thinks we should do something," he began, stammeringly. "Ah, he just thinks we should be more careful." On hearing this, a lady looked at her husband, who had signed the petition, and snapped, "Scratch off your name." I told the volunteer that I'm what most people would regard as an "ultra-conservative – not just a `conservative' – but if your guy came out against the war I'd vote for him, and knock on doors." "Well, I can't really address all the details of his positions," the increasingly flustered guy responded. "Just let him know what I said," I suggested, telling him that there are a lot of people who have the same point of view. [ more ]
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Bremer Has Left the Country

US transfers power in Iraq
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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Axis of Eve

Genesis (1:1) In the beginning there were two spare ribs: Tasha and Zazel. The idea for protest panties came to Zazel in a revelatory flash in the midst of a dark January mood of dwelling on the dire national and international political situation. She had been searching for ways to combine activism and creativity, and knew the value of humor as a form of sustenance in bleak times. She found her spirits lifted at the thought of wearing panties that poked bold accusatory fun at the Bush administration. She and her childhood friend, Tasha, began to brainstorm for slogans in an effort to further lift their spirits... Once the panty-project got rolling, it was hard to stop. With the addition of Apple and Eden to the founding core, the ingredients for a potent political stew were on the kitchen table: the Axis of Eve was born...

Given today’s media-saturated climate, we think it is important to find new ways to spark political expressions and acts, especially among women and young people—two demographic groups whose vote will be critical in the upcoming election. We Eves view activism as a continuum, and along that continuum we see the AXIS of EVE making politics fun, sassy and appealing.
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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Embarrassed for lack of a better word

Ashamed could be another description. Disgraced.
Read Maru and ask who should be admonished after viewing the video.
Would it that the American press were to truly ask questions.

UPDATE: Digby doesn't have a lack of words. He also has an email address so we can express our thanks to a journalist worthy of the title.

UPDATE 2: Some people are having problems accessing the video. I snagged an mp3 for pure ear candy. Listen here.
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Cultural Considerations

Canadian Dimension: U.S. Elections: Their Future and Ours

U.S. must exit Iraq now, ex-inspector says

The Hip-Hop Convention: 'This Ain't No Party'
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Rhino's Blog

Influence the Platform
Do it.
and then
Help The Kucinich Campaign Influence The Democratic Party Platform
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Friday, June 25, 2004


Thank You, Michael Moore
I saw it this afternoon and it had the power to touch every conceivable emotion. I laughed and cried, I got angry and felt compassion. There were many moments of disgust, feelings of helplessness and the revelation of manipulation. The music choices were masterful, especially the stanzas of 'Cocaine' during an overview of Bush's National Guard record. I know there were many subtleties I missed, which will indeed warrant another visit or two to the theater.
Yes, it's quite possible that everyone in the theater today were the 'already converted' looking for validation and for news they may have missed. I think that in the days to come however, the Buzz Around Moore's Movie May Be Able to Shake the Election.
Will it change any voter's mind? At the very least, anyone who has the inclination to watch will walk away with disturbing questions.
The questions surrounding the facts versus the propaganda will promote discussion.
It is up to us to participate in discussions armed with facts:
Analyzing Fahrenheit 9/11
Is Michael Moore telling the truth?
Examine Five Critical Facts From The Film
Polemic? Perhaps at first, but it's by far the best way to foster thought and discussion within a media influenced culture.
Keep on Rockin in the Free World! (what's left of it)
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

A Declaration Calling for the Resignation or Removal of John Ashcroft

Sign it and while you're there sign up for the daily Progress Report.
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Naropa Audio Archives

The Naropa Archive Project is preserving and providing access to over 3500 recordings made at Naropa University since 1974. The collection was developed under the auspices of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (the name of the university’s Department of Writing and Poetics) founded by poets Anne Waldman and Allen Ginsberg and contains readings, lectures, seminars, panels and workshops from a constellation of artists who aim at restoring the poet’s ancient role as keeper of the culture and social commentator.
also see the entire collection at Internet Archive
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Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Bushiad and The Idyossey

In the style of The Iliad and The Odyssey of Homer
The epic battle of testosterone
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Friday, June 18, 2004

The fastest growing type of cancer

Over the past 25 years, the incidence of esophageal cancer (of the adenocarcinoma type) has increased 350%, faster than any other malignancy in the western world.8 One study showed that esophageal adenocarcinoma cases are increasing 5% to 10% each year in developed countries. Another study showed that the rate of esophageal adenocarcinoma increased eight-fold over a 20-year period in Denmark"

The primary risk factor for the more difficult-to-treat adenocarcinoma directly relates to those who suffer heartburn (gastroesophageal reflux). It is the adenocarcinoma type of esophageal cancer that is exponentially increasing in prevalence. [ more ]
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Cheney Bites The Hands That Have Been Feeding Him

Will they stop petting him and Bush?

Some may:
Just a google at the contradictions
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Church & State

A lunatic Christian cult has the run of the White House and the ear of the president. What do they want? The end of the world. Be afraid. by Neal Pollack
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What the #$*! do we know?

What the #$*! do we know?
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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Should President Bush Be Impeached?

What can we do? Read the transcript or listen.
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Just because I could

"Former US president Bill Clinton said he had the affair that almost cost him the White House 'just because I could,' and deemed it a 'terrible moral error.'"

Present pResident George Bush said he lied to the world and continues to lie to the world 'just because he can.' The 'terrible moral error' in keeping him in office has to weigh on our conscience. He doesn't have one.
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Bush Reasserts Hussein-Al Qaeda Link

The headline says it all.
Pathological Liar.
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William Rivers Pitt | Nine Eleven

..."Would we tolerate a President who drove us to war on the basis of lies and exaggeration? Would we tolerate a President who used fear against his own people to get what he wanted? Would we tolerate a President whose people destroyed deep-cover CIA agents as a means of exacting political revenge? Would we tolerate a President who gave away billions of our tax dollars to his closest corporate friends, under the cover of the aforementioned lies and exaggerations? Would we tolerate a President who made the torture of fellow human beings an accepted policy, whose advisors and attorneys concocted twisted arguments to defend such torture, who came to the conclusion that the President is absolutely, totally and without exception above the law?"
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"Rumsfeld Ordered Iraqi Prisoner Held `Off the Books,'"

It's the first direct link between Rumsfeld and possible violations of prisoner rights in Iraq

Do we need more than one direct link?

Bush Backs Rumsfeld in Hiding of Iraq Prisoner
"I'm never disappointed in my secretary of defense. He's doing a fabulous job and America's lucky to have him in the position he's in," Bush told reporters at the White House when asked if he was disappointed at Rumsfeld's move.

War Criminals!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hijack 'suspects' alive and well

"The identities of four of the 19 suspects accused of having carried out the attacks are now in doubt."

TIA now verifies flight of Saudis

"For nearly three years, White House, aviation and law enforcement officials have insisted the flight never took place and have denied published reports and widespread Internet speculation about its purpose."

The 9/11 commission’s findings about Osama bin Laden’s foreign allies could have significant implications for U.S. diplomacy as well as the race for the White House

‘Time for a Change’

The Bush administration's last remaining justification for the invasion of Iraq has been demolished by a private poll revealing that only 2 per cent of Iraqis regard the occupying forces as liberators.

Official verdict: White House misled world over Saddam September attacks

Bush's 'Apex' of Unlimited Power

Feeling ill yet? Take it to the street.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Rev. Moon holds coronation at Capitol

"Do you think this is an appropriate event to take place in your U.S. Capitol?" Farah asked listeners today. "Does this disturb you at all?"
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Monday, June 14, 2004


Fu*king Google It

Philip K. Dick A Scanner Darkly film adaptation

and via | Doug's Dynamic Drivel, This Explains the Whole Memory Loss Thing Ronald Raygun (it only worked in IE for me)
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Sunday, June 13, 2004

All's A Dream (MP3)

by Craig Baker

All's a Dream

You feel just like Ulysses
so to your bed you take

Once again you're Finnegan
into the whiskey you awake

But the band plays much too dissonant
and they wander key to key
they don't always find a straight line
from a to z
cuz they know that
all's a dream
there ain't no straight melody
allah's dream
ragtime swing bop and free
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Michigan Passes Country's Most Far-Reaching New Anti-Choice Law

Near-Total Ban on Abortion Presents Direct Challenge to Roe v. Wade
Governor Jennifer Granholm vetoed the legislation last year, but anti-choice activists revived the proposal and brought it to final passage through a rarely-used initiative procedure. The law is likely to be the subject of legal challenges, and could well end up before the Supreme Court. Because it affects even first-trimester abortions and contains inadequate protection for women’s health, it could only be upheld by overturning Roe v. Wade.

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J. J. Cale is talkin' !

The Problem
J.J. Cale

Have you heard the news that's goin' round here
The man in charge has got to go
Cause he dances round the problem - boy
And the problem is the man in charge you know
Now, the young knows what I'm talking 'bout
It's a con in the old man's game
The man in charge he don't know what he's doing
He don't know the world has changed
Power seems to be so far up
The man on the street ain't got a clue
The high top cats running your life
Thinks the problem is me and you
Born in a time that has gone by
The old tell the young what to do
Have you heard the news that's goin' round here
The problem is the man in charge of you
The problem is the man in charge of you
Power seems to be so far up
The man on the street ain't got a clue
The high top cats running your life
Thinks the problem is me and you
Have you heard the news that's goin' round here
The man in charge has to go
The man in charge has got to go

NPR Interview
Includes a link to the song.
Show Dates
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click image for .pdf memo
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Saturday, June 12, 2004


"the corrected report will show "a sharp increase over the previous year."
memory loss "I can't remember if I've seen the memo or not, but I gave those instructions."
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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ray Charles Dies at 73

'Music is the main meal'.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Congress mulls easing penalties for mixing religion, politics

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Kucinich Takes Roads Less Traveled in Bid

As the candidate for president of the United States stepped onto the stage, flashing a smile and a wave, the audience exploded with cheers and applause and screams worthy of Beatles fans.

...For several months, Kucinich has made it a point to visit some of the most forgotten corners of the country -- public housing complexes, down-and-out main streets and the like -- to call attention to poverty, which he calls "a weapon of mass destruction." At each turn, he launches into lengthy discussions on the need to pull out of Iraq, the invasion of which he voted against, and his proposals for a Cabinet-level "Department of Peace," which would apply Gandhian principles to curbing violence, both domestic and global.

Until May, Kucinich's campaign gained little traction. He had won 40 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, out of 4,322. Kerry had won enough delegates by early March to secure the nomination. But after the primaries and caucuses in Maine, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon, Kucinich suddenly had 70 delegates. [ more ]
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Monday, June 07, 2004

The Greatest Threat to the Rule of Law

Presidential Powers
via | Billmon

Mary L Walker General Counsel of the USAF:
"It's a travesty to be in a place of strategic importance to the world as a business or political leader and not allow God to accomplish the truly significant through you. If you let Him, He will enable you to do things you could never do alone so that when you look back you will have the satisfaction of having left a legacy of long-lasting significnce and not just temporal success. That's soaring high."
.pdf reference: it gets worse

On a lighter note: A scientist says he may have found remains of the lost city of Atlantis
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Diebold Chairman Holds Republican Fundraiser

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Branding of Wisdom, Madness or Reason?

I was reading Dave's (How to Save the World) synopsis of James Surowiecki's bookThe Wisdom of Crowds and found the judgement errors underlying the process of decision making very similar to what Wealth Bondage presents as Brand A and Brand B.
If we were to surmise that the US is being run as a business, as Bush is so proud to take credit for, then we should also take a deeper look at his decision making process. As Dave points out, there is a cost to not knowing. He asks, "To what extent did our failure to prevent such [recent] disasters result from simply not having critical information, and to what extent were these failures aggravated by groupthink or individual arrogance?"
When decision making from the top down relies on the polarization of Brand A versus Brand B, or utilizing the arrogance of 'group think' (opposed to the wisdom of crowds) as policy, disaster is not far behind. I see the same process of decision making trickling down into the workplace. Eventually the workers revolt.
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thoughts on the eve of the apocalypse: The week gone by

He did it again! Sometimes when Bill disappears for awhile, he's really just collecting links of importance and comes back with a tidy one-link post. Go see what you may have missed this past week.
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Saturday, June 05, 2004

John and Leni Sinclair Papers 1957-1999

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Dean: The Serious Implications Of President Bush's Hiring A Personal Outside Counsel For The Valerie Plame Investigation

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Wayne Madsen: Neo-Cons on the Brink

"Across the political spectrum, people want their Constitution protected and if the military steps up to the plate, they will have widespread support."
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Friday, June 04, 2004

27-Year CIA Vet Ray McGovern On George Tenet's Surprise Resignation

on Democracy Now!
Read the transcript or listen to the show.
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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bush Knew !

About Leak of CIA Operative's Name
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Helen Thomas - Message To Kerry: Time To Protest War Again

Excerpts from a message that simply must get through to Kerry:
"Kerry, who first came to the national political scene with his anti-Vietnam war mission in the 1970s, should concede he made a big mistake in supporting the invasion of Iraq and blame it on Bush for giving him false information about Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction."

After 18 comfortable years in the Senate, Kerry has lost the persona that had set him apart back in the Vietnam era.

On the Middle East, Kerry is simply a "me too" echo of Bush when it comes to endorsing Israel's illegal land grab on the Palestinian-occupied West Bank.

Kerry also has yet to make a strong clear difference with Bush on domestic issues."
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

If They Would But Listen

From the Dungeon Master of Wealth Bondage, an excerpt from today's reading:
I, therefore, call upon all good Christians, from President Bush and John Ashcroft, to Heritage, AEI, and Cato, to Captain Blowtorch and The Lost Church of The Pines, to the Christian Coalition, to the mild stewards of the High Church, to secular humanists too, and postmoderns, to take these words of God to heart, and to take them literally, as the Good Book is inerrant, lest ye be Raptured in the wrong direction in your vanity, puffed up ignorance and spiritual pride. [ read it all ]

"Oh Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown out the thunder of guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander un-befriended the wastes of their desolated land. We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love. Amen."--Mark Twain
Every Church a Peace Church
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Minimizing Nuclear Threats

This morning when I heard that John Kerry was outlining his plan to reduce the potential for a nuclear attack by terrorists, (Chicago Trib signin req'd)I was angry. I thought of it as an extension of the recent Ashcroft/Mueller panic proliferation. I have since reconsidered my reaction. Clearly this needs to be a high priority endeavour. As was demonstrated in Iraq, where the Bush admin didn't even attempt to secure nuclear facilities as it beat the drums for WMD's, we can safely assume they are oblivious.
Kerry meanwhile also pledged to reduce existing nuclear weapons stockpiles, halt production of the materials used to make them and end nuclear weapons programs in nations like North Korea and Iran. This is one area where Kerry distinguishes himself quite readily from Bush. The IAEA and NTI also are working on initiatives. Why does it seem clear to me that if the IAEA or NTI were to send briefings to the current White House, they would go unread, just as all the other recent briefings?
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Seeing the Forest

Combining the titles of two of his posts,
The Right Will Fight Dirty Win or Lose Dave Johnson outlines where the money is and how the fight is waged, or how the ideology is being forced upon us if you will. He points to some of the progress progressives are making, such as the Gift Hub, Center for American Progress and Media Matters. We are behind in this fight by about 30 years and millions of dollars. Now that some organizing efforts are coming together, we can't drop the ball. Go read Dave's ideas and help build on them.
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Interdensity-dimensional voice communication

I wonder if this is an example of "Strange songs from Another Star"?
strange indeed.
via | Anamnesis
And yes, there is a reason I linked to those particular song lyrics in that particular order. They were, to me, sent from another star. I think that the antenna of my car is all I'm ready for, lest anyone worry I would jump into EVP out of grief.
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Charley Reese Archives for May

A collection of fine articles.
You might want to begin with this one:
Vote For A Man, Not A Puppet
As the conservative writer says: "I personally don't care what other people think, and never have. It's not a factor in my own thought process. I was reared to be an independent thinker and to listen to my own conscience, even if the whole world disagreed."
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