A sample Michigan Ballot for Nov 2, 2004 can be found here if you're a registered voter in Michigan.

Comments on Voting Equipment Upgrades for Michigan (Sample Letter)

May xxx, 2003

Help America Vote Act State Plan Advisory Committee
Attn: Janette Sawyer Bureau of Elections
208 N. Capitol (4th Fl) Lansing, MI 48933

Subject: Comments on Voting Equipment Upgrades for Michigan

So that the monies spent on new voting technology is spent wisely, I
strongly urge you to ensure that the requests for proposals to vendors and
the purchasing/leasing specifications for voting machines in Michigan
contain the following provision:

All new voting systems acquired for use in Michigan elections shall be
capable of

A. Handling both ranked order and cumulative voting ballots in the first
election in which the equipment is used, features about which the new FEC
standards require vendors to provide information;

B. Storing an anonymous electronic record of each ballot;

C. Handling all ballot types currently used in US elections, which allow
voters to
1. Vote for one candidate only (plurality and runoff elections)
2. Vote for more than one candidate (at_large plurality, limited voting)
3. Give more than one vote to one or more candidates (cumulative voting)
4. Rank candidates in order of choice (instant runoff voting, choice

This provision is crucial because Michigan is just one of many states where
there is a rising tide of interest and awareness in advanced voting methods
that offer citizens better ways to vote -- which often require machines more
capable than those used in many parts of the state.

Since voting machines that satisfy this provision are widely available (and
are already in use in some parts of Michigan), including this provision at
the start of the HAVA implementation process is simply wise and prudent

The proposed provision is a way to guarantee that Michigan's HAVA upgrades
actually result in upgraded voting technology, rather than simply costly new
machines that are actually not much more capable than the old ones.

Sincerely, xxxxx